The Solid 20K Gold PHILIPPE SPENCER (round) signature link 44" Necklace / Accessory Belt. An extraordinary piece which works as a single "Long Opera" length (44" Inch) Necklace, or as a Double Necklace (with a variety of length variations to wear), or, as an accessory belt (WOW). Each link is a unique hand-forged work of art. As with all PHILIPPE SPENCER work, we blend our own High-Karat gold for quality, purity and color. Our signature links are above 20K, the perfect blend of strength, and High-Karat color.

44" Inch Solid 20K Gold Hand-Forged (Round) Signature Link Necklace

  • 44" Total  Length

    Heavy-Duty Clasp

    Solid 20K Gold. Each Unique.

    Each completely Hand-Forged by PHILIPPE SPENCER