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Philippe & Spencer

Philippe & Spencer of PHILIPPE SPENCER are Artists and authentic Goldsmiths of completely hand-forged, One-Of-A-Kind 20K, 22K and 24K Gold Fine-Jewelry.


We’re not Goldsmiths because we're Jewelers, we became Jewelers because we're Goldsmiths. There’s a profound artistic difference.


Our obsession with the artistry of ancient Jewelry led us to studying Metallurgy and Metalsmithing in NYC, and this led us to the practice and discipline of authentic traditional Goldsmithing, the skill which we later realized was artistically responsible for the timelessness in the Jewelry of our obsession.


Jewelry, which concealed the era of its making because it was absent the benefits of modern-day productivity and mechanical reproduction methods became our passion. Jewelry, which is authentically hand-forged and smithed, each unique from the other, put simply, maintains an era concealing timelessness and depth which becomes art.


In the authentic and traditional sense, Goldsmithing is the art of striking, also referred to as smithing, forming and forging specifically by hand, One-Of-A-Kind, original articles of gold. A Goldsmith is also a Jeweler of course, but few Jewelers are also Goldsmiths because most Jewelry is not smithed and forged by hand.


PHILIPPE SPENCER approaches every project artistically first and foremost. We create One-Of-A-Kind Fine-Jewelry solely for the artistic joy of creating original-only work. As Artists, we reject automation, molds, casting, reproductions and mass-production.


We embrace the authentic and traditional art of Goldsmithing and produce every piece with our own hands completely, start to finish in our Key West, Florida studio. We are client driven and artistically obsessed.


Our work includes Rings, Statement-Rings, Wedding and Engagement Rings and Bands, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Pendants, all with or without Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones.


PHILIPPE SPENCER is a niche brand, and as the sole Artists & Goldsmiths of our brand, we’re limited to under 200 original One-Of-A-Kind works each year.



We ship Worldwide Express at no charge. Our clients have 3 days upon receipt to confirm their purchase is exactly what they expected, and purchases can be returned at our expense without reason. Returns are extremely rare (and most often size related).



To begin with, we never over-price our work, only to offer a discount as an incentive to purchase. Instead, we price our work reasonably upfront based on our exclusive use of 20 Karat to 24 Karat Gold, Quality Gemstones, and the extensive time to create an original One-Of-A-Kind work of art. Consequently, we do not discount PHILIPPE SPENCER pricing. Clients can be confident others will not receive PHILIPPE SPENCER at a discounted price either. The price you see, is the price any client will pay.



70% of our work is repeat clients, and 40% of our new clients are client referrals. Our typical client is looking for an original work of Jewelry as art, one which no other person possesses. Our clients come to us for one-of-a-kind Heirloom-Quality Fine-Jewelry, versus cast, reproduction, or mass-produced Jewelry. We adore our clients, and they frequently become, and we treat them as friends and family.


We hope you’ll become part of our PHILIPPE SPENCER family too.

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The MASTER goldsmith

Philippe is an Artist and Engineer from Santiago Chile. Always the rebel, Philippe expresses a unique and unapologetically bold sense of style, especially with Jewelry, which he attributes entirely to his mother, Lola. When you see a PHILIPPE SPENCER work which is ridiculously over-the-top elaborate, Philippe likely drove the design.

Spencer is a retired luxury Perfumer originally from Napa Valley California. Spencer's fragrances revolutionized the home-fragrance industry and his work is renowned by the world's leading fashion insiders at VOGUE, ELLE, WWD, Town & Country, GLAMOUR and a very long list of celebrity clientele. Spencer is obsessed with authentic smithing and concealing the century of a finished work, especially as it relates to the artistic finish and texture of a finished piece.

Please browse our selection of finished work here, or contact us with the opportunity to create a custom piece just for you.


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