Philippe & Spencer.

Philippe is an artist and engineer from Santiago Chile. Always the rebel, Philippe expresses a unique and unapologetically bold sense of style which he attributes to his mother, Lola.

Spencer is a retired luxury perfumer originally from Napa Valley California. Spencer's fragrances revolutionized the home-fragrance industry and his work is renowned by the world's leading fashion insiders at VOGUE, ELLE, WWD, Town & Country, GLAMOUR and a very long list of celebrity clientele.

Spencer made his first ring at age 20 for his mother, Trish, while Philippe simply had a life-long obsession for artistic jewelry. In 2017 / 2018 Philippe & Spencer moved to NYC to study metalsmithing & gems, and in 2018 launched PHILIPPE SPENCER to fulfill their lifelong passion together.

Every PHILIPPE SPENCER is made without the use of modern technology such as design software, molds, or production automation machinery. Instead, Philippe & Spencer rely on traditional goldsmithing techniques to create each piece. Every PHILIPPE SPENCER is an original, unique, one-of-a-kind hand-forged work of art built only by Philippe & Spencer directly. 

On their first date in 2013 Philippe announced to Spencer they'd be married one day. Philippe & Spencer were married 3 years later and are living their happily ever after in Miami with their English Bulldogs (Sophia and Lucy).

PHILIPPE SPENCER exists in honor of our mothers Trish, (Spencer's Mother) and Lola (Philippe's Mother) who inspired our strength, creativity and love for the extraordinary.