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PHILIPPE SPENCER - .40 ct COLORLESS  (D-F) Diamonds with 8.5 ct Rare Blue Chalcedony wrapped in 22K Gold with 20K Gold Hoops and Feature Earrings. 1.75" Inches Long. As with all PHILIPPE SPENCER Jewelry, our exclusive use of Colorless Diamonds adds significant brilliance and quality to our Diamond & Gold Collections.Completely Hand-Forged.


An authentically and completely hand-forged original work of art made in the USA by PHILIPPE SPENCER. No automation, no molds, no copies.

.40 ct Colorless Diamonds & 8.5 ct Blue Chalcedony in 22K Gold Earrings

  • 20K Gold Hoops & Features

    8.5 ct Total Rare Blue Chalcedony Cabochons set in Pure 22K Gold

    (2) 3.5mm COLORLESS Diamonds (.40 ct Total)

    Heavy Matte Finish

    1.75" Long


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