Rounded link Badass. A true masterpiece statement braclet. Completely hand-forged (no molds, no automation, no reproductions), each link is entirely unique, as is each bracelet. The hand-forged detail of our signature 20(+)  Karat Gold is immediately recognizable as a PHILIPPE SPENCER, a piece that takes 2 master goldsmiths over a week to create. Each is custom-made to order, please allow 14 days to complete. Sizes 7" to 9" Inch. For sizes greater than 9", please request a custom quote.

20K Solid Gold XL Badass Bracelet with Near Colorless Diamonds

  • Solid 20K (+) Gold

    Rounded links, and bracelet is hand-forged and is a unique one of a kind.

    Near colorless diamonds (D-G / VS) on one link.

    Available in sizes from 7" inch to 9" inch. Typically, the perfect fit is 1.5" inch longer than the circumference of your wrist. Please choose size at checkout, and allow 14 days for shipment. For sizes larger than 9" inches, please email us for a quote.