One of our best sellers! We call it the “Badass”, because it is. It’s a massive 2.8 mm to 3.2 mm thick Hand-Forged & Carved Solid 20K Gold statement ring, with near colorless diamonds on each side. The number of diamonds ranges between 10 and 20, and depends on the size of the ring. This one has 7 on one side, and 6 on the other (for a total of 13).


Retail price is for sizes 5 through 8 1/2, and diamond quantity depends on ring size.


For sizes over 8 1/2, please contact us for price.


Each is completely hand-forged, and unique.


SIZE GUARANTEE! Once you place your order, we'll contact you to confirm you know your size, or, whether you're unsure. If you're unsure, we'll FEDEX you a set of ring size templates to confirm your actual size, then forge your order for a perfect fit.

The Badass. Pure 20K Gold hand-forged & near colorless diamonds

  • Each Hand-Forged & Unique

    Pure and Solid 20K Gold | 3 mm to 3.5 mm thick

    Near Colorless Diamonds (10 to 20 depending on Ring Size)

    Allow up to 14 days to ship. Each is made to order.