PHILIPPE SPENCER Earring Charms. 1.51 ct (total) Faceted Pink Sapphires set in pure 22K gold. Suitable for PHILIPPE SPENCER 3/4" or 1" Inch "C Shape" 22K Gold Charm Earrings (shown and sold separately). Suitable to be worn alone as a pair, or layered with multiple charms on the same earring.

1.51 ct (total) Faceted Pink Sapphires Earring Charms in 22K Gold

  • 1.51 ct (total) Faceted Pink Sapphire Earring Charms set in 22K Gold

    Suitable alone, or layered with multiple PHILIPPE SPENCER 22K Gold & Gem Earring Charms on the same earring.

    Completely Hand-Forged.

    3/4" and 1" Inch  "C Shape" 22K Gold Charm Earrings sold seperately.